About Nature Challenge

Access to nature is right for all, and finding opportunities to connect with the outdoors shouldn’t be difficult. Nature Challenge helps you find new, exciting ways to have fun, explore new places, and join projects that help keep our world healthy.

Play. Connect. Make a Difference.

Inspiring Through Play & Exploration

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Finding Nature, Made Simple

Often times, the hardest part about connecting with nature is simply knowing where to start. There is an abundance of opportunities in your area and around the globe just waiting to be discovered. Nature Challenge helps collect these options in one place and creates a community for all things conversation, learning, and nature connection.

A network of providers, educators, and experts creates the challenges and activities for all ages, such as recreation games, health connections, puzzles, service projects and so much more!

Who Manages Nature Challenge?

The Nature Challenge platform was made possible by a grant from the USDA Forest Service and is the result of a shared vision between Texas A&M Forest Service, Texas Children in Nature Network, Texan by Nature as well as a rapidly growing community of environmental service providers that believe creating a more sustainable world begins with bringing nature back into the everyday lives of the people.

The network of verified providers create and maintain their own challenges, which means that challenges are created locally by your community, for your community. Providers include organizations, companies, and institutions committed to high-quality environmental education and increased access to nature for all, such as:

  • School Districts
  • Local Parks
  • Universities & Higher Education
  • Zoos
  • State Parks & Forests
  • Service Organizations
  • Nature Centers and Preserves
  • Government Agencies
  • Companies
  • Non-profits

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“I’ve been wanting to get my family out into nature, but I grew up in a city so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This is a helpful place to find places to go and have something to do when we get there.” - Amy Austin, TX

Something for Everyone!

Explore new places, play in new ecosystems, enjoy the connection.