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Welcome to Nature Challenge, where we connect passionate individuals and organizations with communities eager to engage with nature. As a provider, you play a pivotal role in crafting meaningful, educational, and enjoyable challenges that inspire and educate participants of all ages. Here's how you can make a difference and benefit from joining us.

Why Partner with Us?

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Expand Your Reach

Connect with a diverse audience looking for ways to engage with the environment. Our platform gives your challenges visibility, extending your impact far beyond traditional boundaries.

Enhance Engagement

Leverage our tools and features to create interactive and compelling challenges that captivate participants, driving deeper engagement with your mission and content.

Foster Sustainable Communities

Be part of a supportive network of environmental educators, conservationists, and organizations that are committed to creating a more sustainable world. Share best practices, collaborate on challenges, and grow together.

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How It Works

Step 1: Sign Up

Fill out our simple sign-up form. Tell us about your organization, your goals, and how you wish to contribute to the Nature Challenge community.
Your request is reviewed and approved by site administrators.

Step 2: Create Your Challenge

Using our intuitive challenge creation tool, design activities that align with your mission. Use your existing resources or create new ones to encourage nature connection in your community.

Step 3: Track & Engage

Once your challenge is live, you can track participation, gather feedback, and engage with your audience directly through the platform.

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Provider FAQs

What are some of the benefits of being a provider?

Becoming a Nature Challenge provider certainly has its perks, including access to advanced analytics for understanding your organization’s reach and engagement, shared marketing initiatives to enhance visibility to new audiences, and network collaboration and training opportunities, all while supporting environmental awareness and sustainability.

Who Can Become a Provider?

Nature Challenge welcome organizations, agencies, conservation groups, and community activists with a passion for increasing nature access, education, and sustainability, regardless of geographic location. Whether you're a local nature center, a national park, or a life-long nature educator, you can become a provider and share your opportunities and programs with people everywhere.

What Types of Challenges Work Best?

Successful challenges are educational, achievable, and fun. They can range from local conservation efforts and service projects to fun activities for the family and digital learning connections. The opportunities are endless. Need inspiration? Check out our challenge directory.

Can I Make Challenges for a Specific Audience?

Providers create and edit their own challenges at any time, and our platform allows for targeted visibility and customization for your primary audiences. You can specify the age group, interests, and even locations most relevant to your challenge.

Is There a Cost to Become a Provider?

Joining Nature Challenge as a provider is free. Free to join, free to use, free— period. It’s the Nature Challenge Way. We’re here to help remove barriers and improve access and reach for environmental education and engagement.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Join us in our mission to connect people with nature and turn passion into action.