Challenge Steps

Step one

Visit the front desk for a map,

First, Participants should greet the front desk to receive a trail map and ask to be appointed towards the Amphitheater and other feeding zones for ample birding. Or- See the Visitors map under "Things you'll need."

Step two

Before Trailing Off...

Make sure you have what you need to stay properly hydrated along the trail, especially during the Summer months. Grab a water form our gift shop, and a hat if you think you'll need it. If you have binoculars, this is a great time to put them to use!

Step three

Choose the right time of day.

Remember, you are trying to find birds on this adventure, so consider exploring the trails when bird are most active, like during the morning!

Step four

Keep your eyes and ears open.

As you take take time to observe birds on the trail, be sure you are listening and looking. Sometimes it may appear like not much is going on, though birds can be found hidden within different layers of the thronbrush or perched out in the open on a branch.

Step five

Earn your badge!