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Hike the River Trail badge

Hike the River Trail

Enjoy the full length of the Cameron park River Trail!

Challenge provided by: GTG Outdoors
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Year-round icon Year-round
Start Date: May 8, 2024
End Date: Jan 1, 2030
1–2 hours icon 1–2 hours Moderate icon Moderate Outdoor Only icon Outdoor
 icon Free

This Challenge is for:

  • All Ages

Challenge Topics:

  • Connecting Children with Nature
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Physical Health and Exercise

This Challenge is accessible for:

  • People with Hearing Impairments
  • People with Developmental Impairments
  • People with Sensory Sensitivities

To complete this challenge

Step one


Fill up your water bottles, tie your shoes, and don't forget to stretch!

Step two

Hike to MCC campus

Staying by the river, walk from the beginning of the river trail down until you hit the MCC campus.

Step three

Hike back towards the Red Wood shelterd Shelter

Staying by the river, hike back to the main entrance of the river trail!

Step four


Give yourself a pat on the back, and don't forget to hydrate even after you finish!

Step five

Earn your badge!


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